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4 Reporting Bugs

If you think you have found a bug in the GMP library, please investigate it and report it. We have made this library available to you, and it is not too much to ask you to report the bugs you find.

Before you report a bug, check it’s not already addressed in Known Build Problems, or perhaps Notes for Particular Systems. You may also want to check for patches for this release.

Please include the following in any report,

Please make an effort to produce a self-contained report, with something definite that can be tested or debugged. Vague queries or piecemeal messages are difficult to act on and don’t help the development effort.

It is not uncommon that an observed problem is actually due to a bug in the compiler; the GMP code tends to explore interesting corners in compilers.

If your bug report is good, we will do our best to help you get a corrected version of the library; if the bug report is poor, we won’t do anything about it (except maybe ask you to send a better report).

Send your report to:

If you think something in this manual is unclear, or downright incorrect, or if the language needs to be improved, please send a note to the same address.

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