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#include: Headers and Libraries

--build: Build Options
--disable-fft: Build Options
--disable-shared: Build Options
--disable-static: Build Options
--enable-alloca: Build Options
--enable-assert: Build Options
--enable-cxx: Build Options
--enable-fat: Build Options
--enable-profiling: Build Options
--enable-profiling: Profiling
--exec-prefix: Build Options
--host: Build Options
--prefix: Build Options
-finstrument-functions: Profiling

2exp functions: Efficiency

68000: Notes for Particular Systems

80x86: Notes for Particular Systems

ABI: Build Options
About this manual: Introduction to GMP
AC_CHECK_LIB: Autoconf
AIX: Notes for Particular Systems
Algorithms: Algorithms
alloca: Build Options
Allocation of memory: Custom Allocation
AMD64: ABI and ISA
Anonymous FTP of latest version: Introduction to GMP
Application Binary Interface: ABI and ISA
Arithmetic functions: Integer Arithmetic
Arithmetic functions: Rational Arithmetic
Arithmetic functions: Float Arithmetic
ARM: Notes for Particular Systems
Assembly cache handling: Assembly Cache Handling
Assembly carry propagation: Assembly Carry Propagation
Assembly code organisation: Assembly Code Organisation
Assembly coding: Assembly Coding
Assembly floating Point: Assembly Floating Point
Assembly loop unrolling: Assembly Loop Unrolling
Assembly SIMD: Assembly SIMD Instructions
Assembly software pipelining: Assembly Software Pipelining
Assembly writing guide: Assembly Writing Guide
Assertion checking: Build Options
Assertion checking: Debugging
Assignment functions: Assigning Integers
Assignment functions: Simultaneous Integer Init & Assign
Assignment functions: Initializing Rationals
Assignment functions: Assigning Floats
Assignment functions: Simultaneous Float Init & Assign
Autoconf: Autoconf

Basics: GMP Basics
Binomial coefficient algorithm: Binomial Coefficients Algorithm
Binomial coefficient functions: Number Theoretic Functions
Binutils strip: Known Build Problems
Bit manipulation functions: Integer Logic and Bit Fiddling
Bit scanning functions: Integer Logic and Bit Fiddling
Bit shift left: Integer Arithmetic
Bit shift right: Integer Division
Bits per limb: Useful Macros and Constants
Bug reporting: Reporting Bugs
Build directory: Build Options
Build notes for binary packaging: Notes for Package Builds
Build notes for particular systems: Notes for Particular Systems
Build options: Build Options
Build problems known: Known Build Problems
Build system: Build Options
Building GMP: Installing GMP
Bus error: Debugging

C compiler: Build Options
C++ compiler: Build Options
C++ interface: C++ Class Interface
C++ interface internals: C++ Interface Internals
C++ istream input: C++ Formatted Input
C++ ostream output: C++ Formatted Output
C++ support: Build Options
CC: Build Options
CC_FOR_BUILD: Build Options
CFLAGS: Build Options
Checker: Debugging
checkergcc: Debugging
Code organisation: Assembly Code Organisation
Compaq C++: Notes for Particular Systems
Comparison functions: Integer Comparisons
Comparison functions: Comparing Rationals
Comparison functions: Float Comparison
Compatibility with older versions: Compatibility with older versions
Conditions for copying GNU MP: Copying
Configuring GMP: Installing GMP
Congruence algorithm: Exact Remainder
Congruence functions: Integer Division
Constants: Useful Macros and Constants
Contributors: Contributors
Conventions for parameters: Parameter Conventions
Conventions for variables: Variable Conventions
Conversion functions: Converting Integers
Conversion functions: Rational Conversions
Conversion functions: Converting Floats
Copying conditions: Copying
CPPFLAGS: Build Options
CPU types: Introduction to GMP
CPU types: Build Options
Cross compiling: Build Options
Cryptography functions, low-level: Low-level Functions
Custom allocation: Custom Allocation
CXX: Build Options
CXXFLAGS: Build Options
Cygwin: Notes for Particular Systems

Darwin: Known Build Problems
Debugging: Debugging
Demonstration programs: Demonstration Programs
Digits in an integer: Miscellaneous Integer Functions
Divisibility algorithm: Exact Remainder
Divisibility functions: Integer Division
Divisibility functions: Integer Division
Divisibility testing: Efficiency
Division algorithms: Division Algorithms
Division functions: Integer Division
Division functions: Rational Arithmetic
Division functions: Float Arithmetic
DJGPP: Notes for Particular Systems
DJGPP: Known Build Problems
DLLs: Notes for Particular Systems
DocBook: Build Options
Documentation formats: Build Options
Documentation license: GNU Free Documentation License
DVI: Build Options

Efficiency: Efficiency
Emacs: Emacs
Exact division functions: Integer Division
Exact remainder: Exact Remainder
Example programs: Demonstration Programs
Exec prefix: Build Options
Execution profiling: Build Options
Execution profiling: Profiling
Exponentiation functions: Integer Exponentiation
Exponentiation functions: Float Arithmetic
Export: Integer Import and Export
Expression parsing demo: Demonstration Programs
Expression parsing demo: Demonstration Programs
Expression parsing demo: Demonstration Programs
Extended GCD: Number Theoretic Functions

Factor removal functions: Number Theoretic Functions
Factorial algorithm: Factorial Algorithm
Factorial functions: Number Theoretic Functions
Factorization demo: Demonstration Programs
Fast Fourier Transform: FFT Multiplication
Fat binary: Build Options
FFT multiplication: Build Options
FFT multiplication: FFT Multiplication
Fibonacci number algorithm: Fibonacci Numbers Algorithm
Fibonacci sequence functions: Number Theoretic Functions
Float arithmetic functions: Float Arithmetic
Float assignment functions: Assigning Floats
Float assignment functions: Simultaneous Float Init & Assign
Float comparison functions: Float Comparison
Float conversion functions: Converting Floats
Float functions: Floating-point Functions
Float initialization functions: Initializing Floats
Float initialization functions: Simultaneous Float Init & Assign
Float input and output functions: I/O of Floats
Float internals: Float Internals
Float miscellaneous functions: Miscellaneous Float Functions
Float random number functions: Miscellaneous Float Functions
Float rounding functions: Miscellaneous Float Functions
Float sign tests: Float Comparison
Floating point mode: Notes for Particular Systems
Floating-point functions: Floating-point Functions
Floating-point number: Nomenclature and Types
fnccheck: Profiling
Formatted input: Formatted Input
Formatted output: Formatted Output
Free Documentation License: GNU Free Documentation License
FreeBSD: Notes for Particular Systems
FreeBSD: Notes for Particular Systems
frexp: Converting Integers
frexp: Converting Floats
FTP of latest version: Introduction to GMP
Function classes: Function Classes
FunctionCheck: Profiling

GCC Checker: Debugging
GCD algorithms: Greatest Common Divisor Algorithms
GCD extended: Number Theoretic Functions
GCD functions: Number Theoretic Functions
GDB: Debugging
Generic C: Build Options
GMP Perl module: Demonstration Programs
GMP version number: Useful Macros and Constants
gmp.h: Headers and Libraries
gmpxx.h: C++ Interface General
GNU Debugger: Debugging
GNU Free Documentation License: GNU Free Documentation License
GNU strip: Known Build Problems
gprof: Profiling
Greatest common divisor algorithms: Greatest Common Divisor Algorithms
Greatest common divisor functions: Number Theoretic Functions

Hardware floating point mode: Notes for Particular Systems
Headers: Headers and Libraries
Heap problems: Debugging
Home page: Introduction to GMP
Host system: Build Options

I/O functions: I/O of Integers
I/O functions: I/O of Rationals
I/O functions: I/O of Floats
i386: Notes for Particular Systems
IA-64: ABI and ISA
Import: Integer Import and Export
In-place operations: Efficiency
Include files: Headers and Libraries
info-lookup-symbol: Emacs
Initialization functions: Initializing Integers
Initialization functions: Simultaneous Integer Init & Assign
Initialization functions: Initializing Rationals
Initialization functions: Initializing Floats
Initialization functions: Simultaneous Float Init & Assign
Initialization functions: Random State Initialization
Initializing and clearing: Efficiency
Input functions: I/O of Integers
Input functions: I/O of Rationals
Input functions: I/O of Floats
Input functions: Formatted Input Functions
Install prefix: Build Options
Installing GMP: Installing GMP
Instruction Set Architecture: ABI and ISA
instrument-functions: Profiling
Integer: Nomenclature and Types
Integer arithmetic functions: Integer Arithmetic
Integer assignment functions: Assigning Integers
Integer assignment functions: Simultaneous Integer Init & Assign
Integer bit manipulation functions: Integer Logic and Bit Fiddling
Integer comparison functions: Integer Comparisons
Integer conversion functions: Converting Integers
Integer division functions: Integer Division
Integer exponentiation functions: Integer Exponentiation
Integer export: Integer Import and Export
Integer functions: Integer Functions
Integer import: Integer Import and Export
Integer initialization functions: Initializing Integers
Integer initialization functions: Simultaneous Integer Init & Assign
Integer input and output functions: I/O of Integers
Integer internals: Integer Internals
Integer logical functions: Integer Logic and Bit Fiddling
Integer miscellaneous functions: Miscellaneous Integer Functions
Integer random number functions: Integer Random Numbers
Integer root functions: Integer Roots
Integer sign tests: Integer Comparisons
Integer special functions: Integer Special Functions
Interix: Notes for Particular Systems
Internals: Internals
Introduction: Introduction to GMP
Inverse modulo functions: Number Theoretic Functions
IRIX: Known Build Problems
istream input: C++ Formatted Input

Jacobi symbol algorithm: Jacobi Symbol
Jacobi symbol functions: Number Theoretic Functions

Karatsuba multiplication: Karatsuba Multiplication
Karatsuba square root algorithm: Square Root Algorithm
Kronecker symbol functions: Number Theoretic Functions

Language bindings: Language Bindings
Latest version of GMP: Introduction to GMP
LCM functions: Number Theoretic Functions
Least common multiple functions: Number Theoretic Functions
Legendre symbol functions: Number Theoretic Functions
libgmp: Headers and Libraries
libgmpxx: Headers and Libraries
Libraries: Headers and Libraries
Libtool: Headers and Libraries
Libtool versioning: Notes for Package Builds
License conditions: Copying
Limb: Nomenclature and Types
Limb size: Useful Macros and Constants
Linear congruential algorithm: Random Number Algorithms
Linear congruential random numbers: Random State Initialization
Linear congruential random numbers: Random State Initialization
Linking: Headers and Libraries
Logical functions: Integer Logic and Bit Fiddling
Low-level functions: Low-level Functions
Low-level functions for cryptography: Low-level Functions
Lucas number algorithm: Lucas Numbers Algorithm
Lucas number functions: Number Theoretic Functions

MacOS X: Known Build Problems
Mailing lists: Introduction to GMP
Malloc debugger: Debugging
Malloc problems: Debugging
Memory allocation: Custom Allocation
Memory management: Memory Management
Mersenne twister algorithm: Random Number Algorithms
Mersenne twister random numbers: Random State Initialization
MINGW: Notes for Particular Systems
Miscellaneous float functions: Miscellaneous Float Functions
Miscellaneous integer functions: Miscellaneous Integer Functions
MMX: Notes for Particular Systems
Modular inverse functions: Number Theoretic Functions
Most significant bit: Miscellaneous Integer Functions
MPN_PATH: Build Options
MS Windows: Notes for Particular Systems
MS Windows: Notes for Particular Systems
MS-DOS: Notes for Particular Systems
Multi-threading: Reentrancy
Multiplication algorithms: Multiplication Algorithms

Nails: Low-level Functions
Native compilation: Build Options
NetBSD: Notes for Particular Systems
NeXT: Known Build Problems
Next prime function: Number Theoretic Functions
Nomenclature: Nomenclature and Types
Non-Unix systems: Build Options
Nth root algorithm: Nth Root Algorithm
Number sequences: Efficiency
Number theoretic functions: Number Theoretic Functions
Numerator and denominator: Applying Integer Functions

obstack output: Formatted Output Functions
OpenBSD: Notes for Particular Systems
Optimizing performance: Performance optimization
ostream output: C++ Formatted Output
Other languages: Language Bindings
Output functions: I/O of Integers
Output functions: I/O of Rationals
Output functions: I/O of Floats
Output functions: Formatted Output Functions

Packaged builds: Notes for Package Builds
Parameter conventions: Parameter Conventions
Parsing expressions demo: Demonstration Programs
Parsing expressions demo: Demonstration Programs
Parsing expressions demo: Demonstration Programs
Particular systems: Notes for Particular Systems
Past GMP versions: Compatibility with older versions
PDF: Build Options
Perfect power algorithm: Perfect Power Algorithm
Perfect power functions: Integer Roots
Perfect square algorithm: Perfect Square Algorithm
Perfect square functions: Integer Roots
perl: Demonstration Programs
Perl module: Demonstration Programs
Postscript: Build Options
Power/PowerPC: Notes for Particular Systems
Power/PowerPC: Known Build Problems
Powering algorithms: Powering Algorithms
Powering functions: Integer Exponentiation
Powering functions: Float Arithmetic
PowerPC: ABI and ISA
Precision of floats: Floating-point Functions
Precision of hardware floating point: Notes for Particular Systems
Prefix: Build Options
Prime testing algorithms: Prime Testing Algorithm
Prime testing functions: Number Theoretic Functions
Primorial functions: Number Theoretic Functions
printf formatted output: Formatted Output
Probable prime testing functions: Number Theoretic Functions
prof: Profiling
Profiling: Profiling

Radix conversion algorithms: Radix Conversion Algorithms
Random number algorithms: Random Number Algorithms
Random number functions: Integer Random Numbers
Random number functions: Miscellaneous Float Functions
Random number functions: Random Number Functions
Random number seeding: Random State Seeding
Random number state: Random State Initialization
Random state: Nomenclature and Types
Rational arithmetic: Efficiency
Rational arithmetic functions: Rational Arithmetic
Rational assignment functions: Initializing Rationals
Rational comparison functions: Comparing Rationals
Rational conversion functions: Rational Conversions
Rational initialization functions: Initializing Rationals
Rational input and output functions: I/O of Rationals
Rational internals: Rational Internals
Rational number: Nomenclature and Types
Rational number functions: Rational Number Functions
Rational numerator and denominator: Applying Integer Functions
Rational sign tests: Comparing Rationals
Raw output internals: Raw Output Internals
Reallocations: Efficiency
Reentrancy: Reentrancy
References: References
Remove factor functions: Number Theoretic Functions
Reporting bugs: Reporting Bugs
Root extraction algorithm: Nth Root Algorithm
Root extraction algorithms: Root Extraction Algorithms
Root extraction functions: Integer Roots
Root extraction functions: Float Arithmetic
Root testing functions: Integer Roots
Root testing functions: Integer Roots
Rounding functions: Miscellaneous Float Functions

Sample programs: Demonstration Programs
Scan bit functions: Integer Logic and Bit Fiddling
scanf formatted input: Formatted Input
SCO: Known Build Problems
Seeding random numbers: Random State Seeding
Segmentation violation: Debugging
Sequent Symmetry: Known Build Problems
Services for Unix: Notes for Particular Systems
Shared library versioning: Notes for Package Builds
Sign tests: Integer Comparisons
Sign tests: Comparing Rationals
Sign tests: Float Comparison
Size in digits: Miscellaneous Integer Functions
Small operands: Efficiency
Solaris: ABI and ISA
Solaris: Known Build Problems
Solaris: Known Build Problems
Sparc: Notes for Particular Systems
Sparc: Notes for Particular Systems
Sparc V9: ABI and ISA
Special integer functions: Integer Special Functions
Square root algorithm: Square Root Algorithm
SSE2: Notes for Particular Systems
Stack backtrace: Debugging
Stack overflow: Build Options
Stack overflow: Debugging
Static linking: Efficiency
stdarg.h: Headers and Libraries
stdio.h: Headers and Libraries
Stripped libraries: Known Build Problems
Sun: ABI and ISA
SunOS: Notes for Particular Systems
Systems: Notes for Particular Systems

Temporary memory: Build Options
Texinfo: Build Options
Text input/output: Efficiency
Thread safety: Reentrancy
Toom multiplication: Toom 3-Way Multiplication
Toom multiplication: Toom 4-Way Multiplication
Toom multiplication: Higher degree Toom'n'half
Toom multiplication: Other Multiplication
Types: Nomenclature and Types

ui and si functions: Efficiency
Unbalanced multiplication: Unbalanced Multiplication
Upward compatibility: Compatibility with older versions
Useful macros and constants: Useful Macros and Constants
User-defined precision: Floating-point Functions

Valgrind: Debugging
Variable conventions: Variable Conventions
Version number: Useful Macros and Constants

Web page: Introduction to GMP
Windows: Notes for Particular Systems
Windows: Notes for Particular Systems

x86: Notes for Particular Systems
x87: Notes for Particular Systems
XML: Build Options

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